Stablecoin linked to Australian dollar

Introducing AUD Token

The stability and trust of traditional currency with the openness and freedom of cryptocurrency

You send AUD to the bank We work with a licenced Australian bank

We receive your AUD We instantly convert your dollars to AUDT

You receive AUDT in your wallet

receive AUDTaudt work with a Australian bankconvert your dollars to AUDT

Why you can trust us

AUDT advantages

We know the crypto world can be unpredictable. New companies are born and die every day. That's why we designed our new stablecoin AUDT the way we have.

convert your tokens back to Australian dollars

Quick redemption of tokens

We ensure that you can convert your tokens back to Australian dollars

AUSTRAC-registered third-party company audits

Regular compliance audits

AUSTRAC-registered third-party company audits us regularly and publish the results here

licensed banking

Licensed banking procedure

Your funds are safe and protected by licensed bank

our platform is hosted on Ethereum


Our platform is hosted on best-in-class technology

What you can do with us

Use cases

Your money should work for you. Here's what you can do with AUDT:

Hedge against volatility

Access to a stablecoin in your local currency (AUD)

Global transfers of fixed value

E-commerce payments and remittance rely on the value sent being the value received

Enhanced trading strategies

Cross-exchange and multi-currency arbitrage opportunities

Connect with real-world commerce

Integrate real-world currencies or goods with crypto, with dramatically reduced risk

Interact with Australian traders

Work with other traders in a common currency, without the need for fiat money

And much more

Our team is working hard to improve AUDT every day

Everything you need, made easy


About our Team


Our aussie team has launched three other major crypto projects:


TimeX, a Plasma-based hybrid cryptocurrency exchange, combines the speed and privacy of a centralised system with the security and transparency of a decentralised solution.


PaymentX is an automated cryptocurrency payroll solution for your business. Pay the team using crypto in one click, send and receive professional invoices, set up regular payment dates - all quickly and conveniently!


LaborX provides secure, blockchain-based work contracts. LaborX Digital Escrow ensures prompt, reliable payment, while SmartDispute offers affordable dispute resolution. Coming features include a reputation system, services module and peer-to-peer marketplace.