About us

chrono.tech has been building the future of HR for three years. We have developed a suite of powerful, blockchain-based services to enable a truly global labour-hire market. Our software includes solutions to connect freelancers with employers, create smart contract-enabled digital agreements, and ensure prompt, reliable and borderless payments using cryptocurrency.

Australian Dollar Token, is our flagship solution to the volatility of the crypto markets.

AUDT Pty Ltd is registered with the government financial regular AUSTRAC https://www.austrac.gov.au/ as a digital currency exchange service provider. AUSTRAC account number 100628215

We are transforming the HR sector with blockchain, using the best of both centralised and decentralised technologies within a clear and robust regulatory framework. AUDT is closely integrated with these tools and services.
In a sector that still lacks clarity and protections, we are building trust and reducing risk for those who want to take the next step and extend their field of work and practices using blockchain.
We develop products that make a real difference. In order to have a meaningful impact on the world, we have to see beyond the idealism and hype of blockchain and build solutions people truly need.